Conch Piercing Orbital Ring Sizes

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Conch piercings must be FULLY healed (12 months+) before a ring is worn. Changing to a ring too soon will cause irritation and swelling and will be very uncomfortable.

Ring Size:

  • SMALL (10mm)Small ears and a ‘tight, hugging’ ring.
  • MEDIUM (11mm)Small ears and a slightly ‘looser’ ring OR Medium ears and a ‘tighter' ring.
  • LARGE (12mm)Medium ears and a slightly ‘looser’ ring OR Larger ears and a ‘tighter’ ring.

Bar Thickness (Gauge):

  • STANDARD (1.2mm)This is the gauge that is used by most piercers for Conch piercings.
  • SKINNY (1.0mm): Select this size (if available) if you want a thinner ring and/or your piercing has had no jewellery in it for any length of time. Also select this thickness if a normal earring has been worn in the piercing previously.

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