Navel Piercing Sizes - Curved Bars

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Bar Length:

  • SMALL (8mm): Healed piercings only. Choose this size if the piercing only goes through a small amount of skin. Navel Piercings can 'shrink' in size over the years.
  • STANDARD (10mm): This is the 'average' size that most piercers will use for a navel piercing.
  • LONGER (12mm)Choose a 12mm if a 10mm (Standard) navel bar is too tight and/or you are experincing considerable swelling with a 10mm. A 12mm can accomodate the swelling - especially in the first few weeks of healing. More 'heavily built' people may have been pierced with a 12mm initally.
Bar Thickness (Gauge):
  • STANDARD (1.6mm)This is the gauge that is used by piercers for Navel piercings.
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