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With Forward Helix Piercings it's best to wait at least 12 weeks before inserting a ring. It's quite a fiddly area so you might want to ask your piercer to do the change for you. Changing to a ring should only be done if the piercing is doing well and there are no healing problems.

Ring Size:

  • EXTRA SMALL (6mm): Fully Healed piercings only (12 months+). Attempting to fit a 6mm before healing is complete will likely cause swelling, irritation and discomfort. This is the smallest ring size.
  • SMALL (7mm)This tends to suit people with 'average' size ears and is a good alternative to the 6mm if the piercing is not quite 12 months old. 
  • MEDIUM (8mm)This works well on people who have larger ears and/or want something bolder. 

Ring Thickness (Gauge):

  • STANDARD (1.2mm)This is the 'usual' gauge that is used by most piercers for Forward Helix piercings.
  • SKINNY (1.0mm): If available select a 'Skinny' ring if you want something a bit thinner. If you have had jewellery out of the piercing for a length of time or have worn a normal earring in it, a 'Skinny' ring will be easier to fit yourself.

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