Daith Piercing Sizes - Rings and Heart Rings

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Changing a Daith Piercing on your own is really difficult for most people and the best idea is to get your piercer to do the change for you.

Ring Size:

  • EXTRA SMALL (6mm)Usually too small for a Diath piercing, although it can be used in very small ears. The piercing must be completely healed (12 months+).
  • SMALL (7mm)Fully healed piercings only. 
  • MEDIUM (8mm)Fully healed piercing only.
  • MEDIUM LARGE (9mm): Suitable for people with thicker cartilage and/or piercings that are less than 12 months old. If you have medium sized ears you may have been pierced with this size.
    LARGE (10mm): This size is usually used for initial piercings on larger ears as there’s plenty of room for swelling. Also choose this size if you have thick cartilage and/or if your piercing is prone to irritation. This size can also be worn in healed piercings if a bolder look is desired.

Ring Thickness (Gauge):

  • STANDARD (1.2mm)This is the 'usual' gauge that is used by most piercers for Daith piercings.
  • SKINNY (1.0mm): If available select a 'Skinny' ring if you want something a bit thinner and/or you haven't had any jewellery in the piercing for any length of time as this is easier to insert.

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