Nipple Piercing Sizes - Bars

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Bar Length

  • SMALL (12mm): Fully healed piercings only. Will suit people who want to minimise the amount of bar showing on the piercing.
  • MEDIUM (14mm): An 'average size' for most people once healing is well underway (typically 12 weeks+). For larger nipples this size will be too small to use whilst the piercing is healing.
  • LONGER (16mm): This size tends to suit nipple piercings that are healing. There should be ample room for swelling. You may well have been pierced with a 16mm. For larger nipples that are still healing you may need to go up to an 18mm, if available. 

Bar Thickness (Gauge)

  • STANDARD (1.6mm). This is the size that nipple piercings are usually pierced with.

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