Daith Piercing Sizes - Curved Bars

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Changing a Daith Piercing on your own is really difficult for most people and the best idea is to get your piercer to do the change for you.

Bar Length:

  • EXTRA SMALL (6mm): Usually too small for a Daith piercing.
  • MEDIUM (8mm): Fully Healed Piercings only.
  • LONGER (10mm)This size is usually used for initial piercings as there’s plenty of room for swelling. Also choose this size if you have thick cartilage and/or if your piercing is prone to irritation.

Bar Thickness (Gauge):

  • STANDARD (1.2mm)This is the gauge that is used by most piercers for Daith piercings.
  • SKINNY (1.0mm): If available choose this size for piercings that have had no jewellery in for a while OR if a thin Daith heart has been worn.

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