Auricle Piercings - Bars and Labrets

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Bar Length:

  • EXTRA SMALL (6mm)Fully Healed piercings only. Attempting to fit a 6mm before healing is complete will likely cause swelling, irritation and discomfort.
  • SMALL (7mm): Suitable if your original 8mm bar is slightly too long and you need a size down before the piercing is fully healed. Typically this change can be made after the first 12 weeks of healing.
  • MEDIUM (8mm)This is a safe bet to go for - especially if your piercing is less than 6 months old. There will be some room on the bar once it is inserted. This may also be the size you were pierced with.

Bar Thickness (Gauge):

  • STANDARD (1.2mm)This is the gauge that is used by most piercers for Auricle piercings.
  • SKINNY (1.0mm): If available choose this size for piercings that have had no jewellery in for a while OR if a 'normal earring' has been worn previously.

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